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Herbal Ching Chun Bao Natural Anti Aging Pills

Just as its name implies, Ching Chun Bao anti aging tablets are a drug with distinctive effect on the long-term maintenance of youth and the postponement of aging. Composed purely of Chinese Medicines, this drug was formerly an imperial nostrum of the Yongle Imperial Hospital of the Ming Dynasty of China. After taking anti aging herbal drug, Ming Cheng Zu (the 3rd emperor of the Ming Dynasty) Zhu Di greatly appreciated its outstanding effects and specially designated it as prolonging life and maintaining youth for ever as praise.

The original formula has just been found in recent years, when historic files were sorted out. The medical leading department of China gave the nostrum to the Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medical Institute for analysis and research. As a result, it has been found that this anti aging medicine has outstanding effects on the maintenance of youth and the postponement of aging. The researchers ever attempted to add or delete a few ingredients to or from the formula or to change the proportions of the ingredients slightly by keeping the ingredients unchanged and the results were both far inferior to the effect of the original formula. This is thus clear that the accuracy of the formula really commands admiration.

With regard to anti aging, Chinese medical experts have made a great number of scientific tests for a long time. Though the research of molecular biology, measuring the increase of DNA with a liquid scintillascope: through the determination of a nonspecific immunity, it has been found that this drug has evident influence on phagocytes, with modern pharmacology, obtaining such good data as those relating to the resistance against oxygen deficit, fatigue or chill, sedation etc.; and though log term raising tests, observing silkworms production of cocoons, chickens growth and egg-laying rate, small dog’s growth and more. In all tests the excellent properties of CHINGCHUNBAO have further been confirmed.

Clinical test have also proven it. In general, middle aged or old persons will have an evident self-felt sensation of youthfulness if they take this anti aging pills. All their vigor, strength, memory and thinking will be remarkably improved, as if they were a dozen years younger. Some women at age critique whose menstruation has paused for half a year have unexpectedly got their menstruation resumed after they took this drug for two to three months.


Twice a day 3 to 5 anti aging pills each time.

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