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SHE WANG BUI "" Snake Bone Rheumatism Capsule
According to the traditional Chinese medicine that "the kidneys manage the bones" and "the liver manages the muscle", rheumatic arthritis is a kind of sickness due to deterioration of the bones and muscle caused by weakness of both the liver and kidneys as the internal root cause and by colds and dampness as the symptoms. This medical formula therefore applies kidney-nourishing medicine to generate marrow, liver-nourishing medicine to relieve the muscle and nourish the liver, and expelling wind medicine to remove obstruction in body channels and relieve pains, with fast-reacting effects to cure both the root cause and symptoms and to form as a very reliable medicine available currently for treatment of rheumatic diseases and arthritis.
Expelling wind and removing dampness, relaxing muscles and activating body channels, relieving swells and stopping pains, strengthening the muscle and bones.
Rheumatic bone pain, swell and pains of the joints, periarthritis of shoulder, gonarthritis, sciatica, tetraplegia, lumbar muscle strain, prolonged rheumatism, pains caused by hyperosteogeny and spur, which can be relieved quickly. It is an effective and ideal healing agent for rheumatic arthritis.
Twice a day. One pill each time to be taken with warm boiled water. Those suffering from stomach disease should take the pills together with stomach curing medicine.

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40 capsules (2 packs)

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