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Heart Herbal Dan Shen Pills


Indicated in chest oppression, helpful for removing blood stasis. Promoting blood circulation and relieving heart pain.

This herbal has no side-effects and can therefore be used log-term. Danshen Pian is a very popular TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). It is old, pure, popular and good and most and foremost it is all about the heart. Dan Shen (Fufang is the brand name) has been extensively tested in laboratories in China as well as in the West with all the same results: It covers a very wide spectrum of heart aches and problems.

We are not allowed to make medical statements or give medical advice. Please consult with your doctor about any heart issues you have. Read about Dan Shen online and decide for yourself. There are no side-effects known from taking Danshen Pian.

Dan shen pian is commonly known as a heart tonic. It strengthens and tones the heart and helps it to beat in a steady, regular rhythm. It also strengthens the liver and stimulates the production of bile. Dan shen pian has been reported to stimulate, improve, and support the thyroid gland. Used in traditional herbal medicine to prevent pain, dan shen pian also protects nerve cells from free-radical damage, and may have applications in preventing alcohol and drug abuse.

Angina, atherosclerosis, and stroke: Dan shen pian relaxes the smooth muscles that support the coronary arteries and increase circulation to the heart. The herb contains a substance called tanshinone IIA1, which slows the transmission of nerve impulses within the heart, slowing the pulse while increasing the heart's ejection fraction, or the percentage of available blood that the heart's main pumping chamber pumps into the blood vessels with each beat.

Dan shen pian also prevents the formation of clots in the bloodstream and reduces blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It enhances the heart-healthy effect of unsaturated fatty acids and protects heart and nerve cells from a kind of free-radical damage known as reperfusion injury, which occurs when blood circulation is restored after heart attack or stroke, by increasing the effectiveness of vitamin E. Clinical researchers in China have reported improvements in people taking dan shen for angina, stroke, and phlebitis. Surgical experiments with animals indicate that dan shen may prevent recurrence of blockages after angioplasty.

Dan shen changes the rate at which the body absorbs and uses copper. The binding of copper by compounds in dan shen retards the production of fibrin, a protein "rope" on which new blood clots are suspended. In people with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), forestalling blood-clot formation can help to maintain normal blood pressure, and indirectly ensures that the brain receives enough oxygen for normal functioning.

Reduces blood cholesterol and triglyceride

Supports the coronary arteries and increase circulation to the heart

Help to maintain normal blood pressure

Stimulates, improves and support the thyroid gland


natural and herbal. This most famous TCM remedy is probably the one your Chinese practitioner would give you for most of your heart ailments. 


Salviae Miltiorrhizae        59%

Radix Notoginseng         39%

Borneolum Syntheticum   2%


2-3 Dan Shen heart pills,  2 times daily.

heart medicine dan shen pills

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150 tablets (3 packs)

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