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Tienchi Ginseng is a special kind of ginseng

Tienchi, a world-famous and precious herb of Yunnan produce, was originally called Sanchi. Similar to ginseng, it belongs to the Panax family, and is therefore called P. Tienchi-ginseng. Tienchi has long been used in China as the principal medicine for activating hemopoiesis, dispersing bruise, promoting blood circulation, arresting hemorrhage and relieving swellings as well as pain.
In recent years, clinical studies have proven that Tienchi contains Arasaponin A and Flavonoids which have the effects of promoting blood flow in the coronary vessels, lowering pulse rate, and reducing the consumption of oxygen in the myocardium so as to reduce the burden of the heart. Satisfactory results have been obtained for the prevention and treatment of angina pectoris and coronary-heart diseases.
In 1975, further studies by Chinese researchers have demonstrated that the most important active ingredients and the most nourishing components of ginseng are the dammarane type saponins, and that the contents of such saponins in Tienchi of Yunnan origin are comparatively richer than those in ginseng. Apart from its distinguished properties in traumatic applications, Tienchi therefore also acts as a general tonic for better improvement of health.
In recent years, animal experiments have shown evidence that Tienchi has significantly helped with over-obesity.


Each tablet contains 0.5 gram raw Tienchi powder.

Dosage & Administration:

For over-obesity:
2 tablets two times daily, preferably with lukewarm water.

For bruise without bleeding: 2  tablets twice daily with little wine.

For external hemmorhage and traumatic pain: press the tablet into powder and apply to the affected parts.


Keep in cool and dry place.

tienchi for high cholesterol and bloodpressure

Tienchi Ginseng

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90 capsules (3 packs)

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