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TIBET WILD CORDYCEPS is an unadulterated and precious medicinal herb exclusively existing in China and a traditional titbit of nourishment. In Shen Nong,'s Canon of Materia Medica, it was listed as a top grade nourishment. It is neural in nature and has a sweet flavor, containing nutrients such as cordycepic acid, cordycepicin, allysine and more than
10 other amino acids. It has very good double actions of both tonification and treatment. According to statistics, there are 350 species of Cordyceps in the world, but those produced in Qinghai and TibetanCordyceps areas in China are most precious species with excellent values of medical treatment and healthcare.
Invigorate The Lung And Nourish The Kidney, To Nourish And Keep Fit. Prolong Life-span And Promote Immunity!
This product is refined with modern techniques from the pure wild cordyceps growing in
Qinghai-Tibet plateau. It has the actions to restore asthenia of visceria, supplement the vital
energy and stop bleeding and absorb clots. It is applicable to the treatment of chronic cough,
dyspenea resulting from asthenia, cough due to asthenia of visceria, hemoptysis,
spontaneous perspiration, night sweat, impotence, spermatorrhea, waist and knee pains,
anemia, dizziness, insomnia, amnesia, inappetence and asthenia due to long-term illness.
The product has also special efficacyon refractory arrhythmia and promotion of immunityof
the body. It is really a very good medicine of healthcare that suits all men and women, young
and old in all seasons to invigorate them and keep fit, to prolong life-span and promote the
ability of resisting against diseases.

Actions and indications:
1. Actions of the product are to invigorate the lung and nourish the kidney, to stop bleeding and
absorb clots, to promote immunity and delay senility, to enrich blood and keep fit, to
stimulate the appetite and to tranquilize the mind by nourishing the heart. It has a significant effect to cure and adjustthe arrhythmia.

2.The action of tonification and healthcare of the product is especially beneficial to those
sufferers of common cold who have low abilities to resist against diseases. Routine
administration of the remedy promotes the metabolism and immunity and can relieve the
symptoms of neurosis.

3.It has excellent curative effects on chronic bronchitis and cough, asthma, chronic
hepatitis and hepatocirrhosis.

4.Administration of the remedy after the patient undergoing radiotherapy, chemotherapy
and surgical operation can increase the immunity of the patient, reduce side effects and
stable the blood circulation.

Oral administration, two capsules, twice daily,  100% pure wild Cordyceps (dosage for patients with serious cases could be doubled).

50 capsules in one bottle, each capsule contains brown powderwith fragrance and has 250
mg cordycepic hypha inside it.

100% pure wild CORDYCEPS

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50 capsules (1 pack)

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Tibet Wild Cordiceps
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