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We have a number of highly effective sex pills for men. Those products are not harmful to your health since they are on herbal basis. Its effects are immediate and long lasting. For external use we offer various sprays and creams, which stimulate and activate blood circulation.


Sex Pills for Men


Impeous Man - Impeous Man has long been our favorite product for Men. Now a new product line came up which we have tested and approved as even much better as Impeous Man. This product series is called Master Cobra (below) and is better in terms of actions, feelings and variations. It comes in 3 different versions that lets you choose, what you actually want: Increase in libido or increase in manhood seize and more. We will continue for a while to offer Impeous Man for our regular customers. But we are convinced, once they gave Master Cobra (below) a try, they will stay with Master Cobra.


MASTER COBRA - Red Master - Red Master is a herbal formula for men that has also other effects besides giving you a firm erection.
Red Master has a unique effect on the male genitals. It will enlarge your manhood size in both, length and girth. This effect is already noticeable with the first capsule taken. Its effects on your sex organ are strong, immediate and last up to 36 hours.
It is said that it makes the strongest man even stronger and it is effective as much as 99%...better than viagra. Take 30 minutes before sexual activity.

Master Cobra product series is the best we know of - even our staff uses all 3 products on a regular basis with great success.



MASTER COBRA - Brown Master - Brown Master is also a herbal formula for men. This product works by stimulating the growth of erectile tissue and allowing more blood to be held in the erectile chambers for strong and firm erections. Orgasms are intensified, while stamina and endurance are supported. It is said that it makes the strongest man even stronger and is effective as much as 99%...better than viagra. Take 30 minutes before sexual activity.

All 3 Master Cobra products do not have any side-effects, such as headaches, nasal congestion etc. and are highly effective.



MASTER COBRA - Green Master - Green Master is also a herbal formula for men.
Besides giving you firm erections, it will also increase your libido. It is the softest approach of all 3 Master Cobra products and it comes in a tablet form (the other 2 are capsules). Some of our staff reported that they started to use half a tablet daily, which keeps them going day and night and they are always ready for action which makes them feel great.
Take 90 minutes before sexual activity.

You can now test all 3 Master Cobra products (actually there are 4 because there is also a product for women, see below!) for a discounted price. Order just 4 capsules/tablets of each product to find out, which one is best for you and pay only a fraction of the regular price!


Powder for Women


MASTER COBRA - Viola - Master Viola is a herbal formua for women. It comes in sachets as an easily disolvable powder to mix with your favorite drink. It stimulates the sexual desire in women, increased their libido and speeds up the female orgasm.
Also Master Viola comes with no side-effects.
It is said to make women eager for sexual activity. To be taken 30 minutes before sexual activity with a small amout of liquid (approx. 10 ml), alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage.


Cream for Women


Nu Po Vagina Cream - For frigidity, increase vaginal secretion, contraction of vaginal channel, anti-inflammation stop swelling
2 packs.


Infertility Pills


Infertility Pills - Herbal pill for women who wish to get pregnant, 300 pills (2 packs)


Spray for Men


Japan Men Nam Spray - It is enough to spray it once onto the head and surface of the penis 20 minutes before sexual intercourse,  2 sprays (2 packs).