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Impeous Man Sex Pill for Men

A natural herbal, that makes the strongest man even stronger...

Impeous Man is a  Chinese herbal, produced with a unique traditional technique from a  number of first class raw herbs.

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We have decided to cut some of the expensive mailing fees.


For a period of time we will send Impeous man in a different packaging. This way we will save on postal fees and we are happy to announce that most of the savings we will transfer over to our customers.

How does it work:

You will order exactly as you did before from our website above. Usually you would get 2 packs Impeous man (20 capsules) for about 40 US $. Now you will obtain 30 capsules for exactly the same price. Should you order 5 or 10 boxes you will get 30% more. We will use Brownmaster Boxes which are smaller and more lightweight.

Why to support the postal office unnecessarily! Besides, we can send in envelopes which are easier and faster to pass customs.

New shipping:

We will ship again by ordinary postal mail which usually takes between 12 and 15 days. Xend shipping company has just been overtaken by another company and we are not yet convinced about their services. Besides Xend shipping was the longest ever.

Item # IM2

2 Packs (20 capsules) Now 30,capsules with Brownmaster packaging!

US $ 34.00 plus Shipping




Taking 1 capsule per time 15-40 minutes before sexual activity. The effects will hold on until the next day. We even recommend to open the capsule and take half of the content - for most men this will be more than enough.

Order more than 2 packs and save!

5 Packs Impeous Man now for US $ 68.00 plus shipping.

10 Packs Impeous Man now for US $ 98.00 plus shipping.

20 Packs Impeous Man now for US $ 175.00 plus shipping.


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