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All our Chinese Herbal Supplements we send to you directly from Asia, original and fresh. They have been used in China for thousands of years.

With we bring an online-store to your doorsteps, similar as you would find it in modern China today. Most Chinese herbals have its roots in a long tradition. On this site you will find ready made Chinese herbals, but also a list of the most common used raw herbals. New herbals are being developed and tested almost on a daily basis. We will try to add as many as we can to complete our list and make your Chinese online-store nearly as complete as a real drugstore in China is.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) always tries to observe the human body in its entire rather than only parts of it. The secrets of ancient prescriptions cannot be understood without the knowledge about Yin and Yang and Shi, as well as the Five Elements Theory in TCM.

Today, there is a wide believe, that for many ailments the answer plantscan be found in the forests of our world.

To make an online-store which can easily be used by everyone, even without any background or knowledge of plants and herbs, we decided that you simply click on the button which reflects your interest the most. Each navigation button will bring you to a more specific topic and a list of Chinese Herbals, pictures and price lists and  finally a page from where you can order. Or simply click here to learn more about Yin and Yang and Chinese roots and raw herbals.

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Disclaimer: All descriptions of all products on our web site are exactly as they appear on the label of the product itself. Please understand, that most of these Chinese herbals are being used in China today.  We thank therefore the Chinese manufacturers for their hard efforts, having translated the product labels into English language. Take the supplements exactly as directed on the labels.  Since these are natural herbals, there should not occur any side effects. But misuse can lead to overdose and unwanted reactions. We are not held responsible for overdose, misuse or unwanted combinations with other drugs and any unwanted results.

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