Herbs for immune system

Herbals  for Immunity

Chinese herbs  for Immunity

Name of herbal

What is it?

Other effects

Fructus schisandrae

The fruits of Korean

Stopping cough,
stopping diarrhea

  Radix ginseng


 Replenishing the primordial qi, restoring pulse and treating collapse, tonifying the spleen and lung, promoting the production of body fluid to quench thirst, tranquilizing the mind and improving mental power.

 Radix astragali

Astragalus root

Tonifying the qi and lifting yang, strengthening the immune energy and body resistance, promoting tissue regeneration, and inducing diuresis.

 Gornu cervi pantotrichum

 Pilose antler

Building the kidney-yang, tonifying the vital essence and blood and strengthening the bones and muscles (good for male sexuality)




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